Annual Report 2020

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Short-Term Insurer Statistics

“A complaint finalised on transfer” refers to a complaint where the complainant did not first approach the insurer to resolve the complaint. In such a case, the insurer is given an opportunity to resolve the complaint directly with the complainant and, if the complaint is resolved at this stage without OSTI’s intervention, the complaint is closed “on transfer” and is excluded from columns 6 to 9 in the below statistics.

Name of Insurer1 - Claims received by Insurers (FSCA statistics)2 - Share of Claims received by the particular Insurer (FSCA statistics)3 - Complaints received by OSTI4 - Share of the total number of Complaints received by OSTI5 - Number of Complaints received by OSTI per thousand Claims received by Insurer6 - Complaints finalised by OSTI7 - Complaints finalised with some benefit to the insured8 - Share of matters resolved through conciliation by parties9 - Share of matters resolved through enforcement by OSTI


@ New licence

% Change of name 

$ Run-off of business

Please Note:

The Statistics for Absa Insurance Company Limited include statistics for Absa Idirect and Absa Insurance Risk Management Services Limited. 

The Statistics for Old Mutual Insure include statistics for Iwyze, and Mutual and Federal Risk Financing.